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Back in early November (super late I know!) we got a phone call from my sister in law.  She was broken down just outside of Buda, so we went up from SA to see if we could help.  My husband tried to get the car drivable enough to make it back to her place about a half an hour away.  Just when we though we were on the road, a half a mile a way the car started smoking, the head gasket was blown.  So we're on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere and its like 90 degrees, not my idea of a way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  We starting searching for wrecker companies using our phones.  2 didn't even pick up, and one guy told us he'd be about an hour and a half.  Not wanting to become buzzard food, we kept trying.  My husband called A & E.  The driver who answered the phone told us he'd be there in 20 minutes.  While he was on the phone he got up from the UT football game he was watching (so that's why no one was picking up their phones), and my husband could hear him starting up the truck.  18 minutes later he pulls up hooks up the car and we head to my sister in laws to drop it off.  

I've never in my life had such great service from a towing company.  Not only did he show up, in a reasonable about of time, he charged us just a flat rate instead of the flat rate plus so much per mile.  Total rockstar in my book.  He said he also serves Austin and he'll even go to San Antonio.
Michelle M.


Awesome people! !!!


I was really impressed on how quickly this company came to tow me out of the mud. The people were really nice too!

Chrissy Lou


WOW, what a good guy. I am a traveling health care professional and had a freak thing happen on a Sunday afternoon.  I was leaving a patient's home way out in the country and part of their driveway broke off and I got my car stuck in the mud.After many attempts the homeowner tried to free the car but I finally had to contact A&E towing. Richard told me over the phone that it might cost as much as $100 but I was desperate. He arrived promptly and took care of the situation safely.  I tried to hand him my credit card and he just gave me a light hug and said don't worry about it. It is refreshing to know that there are still kind people in the world that care about providing good service!!!

Judy E.

Yes, I recommend A&E Towing highly. I was stranded at the airport with a flat tire a dead spare. Called A&E, and the owner answered on a Sunday morning. He was polite and helpful, even so much as to call me back offering to bring an air-pump to save me money and time. (Money he would have made, mind you, should I have accepted.) I knew I had a bad tire which would not hold air, so I ended up getting a tow. He was remarkably kind to speak with on the way to the tire shop, and again, I would recommend A&E not only because of the quality of service, but also, if not more, because of the people that own and operate it. I'd give it a sixth star if I could.
Frank H.
These guys are great! GREAT!

My car's electrical system died following an accident that involved an uninsured and unlicensed motorist. Great, yeah?

So I'm on the right shoulder with a dead SUV and I place my call in to State Farm since I have tow coverage. About 10 minutes after getting off the phone with them, A&E towing show up to save my life on a rainy and cold day. Literally, 10 minutes. The guy that helped me, Justin P., was excellent. He was helpful, courteous, and very expedient in assisting me. He had a great disposition and I'm so thankful he came and helped me out as quickly as he did. I ended up getting to Austin in about the same time I would have had the car not died.

In addition to his help on the side of a busy and dangerous highway, he was able to park my car in a space at my condo complex in a very tight space. He even dropped me off at my door.

What great service and what a great company! I would recommend these guys without a doubt to anyone in need of towing services!
Jennyfer N.
I hate that I had to have my car towed, but these guys made me feel great about it. The service he provided was excellent, and I felt so safe knowing he was taking great care of my car during it's short ride to the shop. If I ever need a tow again, I will use A and E!
Aubrie B.

Great experience in a bad situation. A and E provided EXCELLENT service. They arrived timely and did a great job getting the car loaded from an awkward position. Highly recommend this service.

Diane B.