Every driver will probably experience a roadside emergency at some point in their lifetime.  This can happen to you if you are driving an old car or a brand new one, whether it is a flat tire, running out of gas or a mechanical breakdown.  Being prepared with a couple of small items is the first step in making this experience a little easier.  

Always travel with the following items and you will be prepared for most roadside emergencies:

   Cell phone and charger                                        Inflated spare tire

   Emergency Roadside Kit                                      Road Flares or Safety Triangles                     
   First Aid Kit                                                           Jumper Cables or Jump Box
   Jack (preferably a floor jack)                                4 Way Tire Tool
   Flashlight & Extra Batteries                                   Multipurpose Tool
   Tire Gauge                                                            Foam Tire Sealant or Small Air Compressor
   Work Gloves                                                          Extra Fuses
   Fire Extinguisher                                                    Blanket
   Paper & Pen (in case you have to leave a note)

The first thing to remember when this happens to you is

  • Get your vehicle and yourself as far off the road as possible and make your car as visible to other motorists as you can.

  • Turn on emergency flashers

  • Raise your hood

  • Put out road flares or triangles according to manufacturers directions

  • Notify local law enforcement immediately if you are in a dangerous location

                In the roadway
                On a blind curve
                Any unsafe environment (especially women traveling alone or with children at night)

  • Perform necessary service if able and only if in a safe location

  • Call for assistance if unable to complete service in a safe manner

  • If you are a member of a motor club contact them with your location and they will dispatch a tow truck to assist you with the repair or tow of your vehicle to a designated location

  • Contact a local towing company that deals with roadside assistance. If you are in the Buda, Kyle or San Marcos Texas areas call

       A and E Towing at 512-295-4688.

With this knowledge and a little good judgment you will be back on the road in no time.  Remember never try to complete roadside repairs in an unsafe manner, call a professional.

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