Do I have to slow down or move over for tow trucks?

Yes.  It is the law in Texas that you must move over one lane or slow down to 20 miles under the posted speed limit

if you are unable to move over.


What is an Incident Management tow?

An Incident Management tow is a tow initiated by law enforcement officers or the vehicle owner as a result of an accident.


Do I have to use the wrecker that is called by law enforcement if I have an accident?

NO. You can request the wrecker of your choice. Just let them know when they arrive that you are requesting (or have called) a specific wrecker company.


Where will my vehicle be towed after an accident?

You may have your vehicle towed to any location. However, if the vehicle is towed to a Vehicle Storage Facility in most cases the insurance company will take care of the tow bill when they release the vehicle to the body shop or the salvage yard. If you have your vehicle towed to a different location you will be required to pay the tow bill at the time of services and seek reimbursement from your insurance company.


Will I be able to get my personal items after the vehicle has been towed?

YES. However, we suggest that you take as many of your valuables before the vehicle is towed from the scene of an accident. If you are unable to take all of your belongings before the vehicle is towed you will need to contact the Vehicle Storage Facility where your vehicle is being stored and make arrangements to retrieve your items.


What is a Vehicle Storage Facility?

A Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF) is commonly referred to as a wrecker yard and is the location where vehicles are stored after an incident management tow, private property tow or repossession until their release by the insurance company, vehicle owner or lien holder.


Is the Vehicle Storage Facility a secure location?

In most states, as in Texas, the state requires that the Vehicle Storage Facility be a secured location with 6 foot high fence and a locked gate at all times. Vehicles are to be locked if possible and tarped if windows/doors are inoperable.


What is a private property tow?

A private property tow is the removal of a vehicle from a privately owned piece of property such as a parking lot or place of residence.


What is the fee for a private property tow?

Fees vary from company to company and from state to state. In Texas, the statewide maximum for a light duty (passenger car or mid-size truck) private property tow is $250.00.


How do I know where my vehicle has been taken after a private property tow?

In most states, it is required for signs to be posted at the entrance to parking lots stating the parking limitations, times of enforcement and the name and phone number of the towing company. Furthermore, tow companies are required to notify local law enforcement within hours of any property tow.

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